Global Partners

One of SVIN Mission Thrombectomy’s strengths is it’s network of people who want to increase access to stroke treatment. We do this by partnering with organizations whose goals and visions align with our own–improving the quality of stroke care globally.


Mission Thrombectomy and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association work together on:

  • Identifying opportunities for reducing death and disability from stroke through increasing access to evidence-based treatments for ischemic stroke;
  • Raising awareness among the public about stroke and the importance of treating stroke as a medical emergency;
  • Elevating standards of stroke care through quality improvement efforts, such as implementing and supporting facility certification around the world;
  • Identifying best practices and supporting the implementation of regional stroke systems of care through convening and collaborating with local stakeholders and policymakers within the United States and internationally; and
  • Educating the medical community (EMS agencies and personnel, neurologists, neurointerventional specialists, emergency department physicians, stroke coordinators, and others) with timely evidence-based information to improve the care and treatment of persons who experience a stroke.
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Mission Thrombectomy and the Registry of Stroke Care Quality (RES-Q) Global, a Health Management Institute based in the Czech Republic, have entered into a collaborative partnership. As part of this relationship, SVIN Mission Thrombectomy will have a seat on the RES-Q Global Scientific Committee, allowing for collaboration and the sharing of information and data related to thrombectomy studies.

Together, the organizations disseminate evidence-based information and implement best practices in stroke systems of care.

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Alliances and Membership

Mission Thrombectomy is an active member of the following groups:

  • G4 Alliance
  • NCD Alliance
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